Innovative solutions for your business

In our four business areas, we develop high-quality electronic, electromechanical and mechatronic solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Variable frequency drives for all requirements

KOSTAL's Drives industrial business unit is a leading player in decentralised and motor-mounted drive technology.

Control and power electronics individually adapted

The "Electronics" division develops complex customer-specific solutions.

Generating and using sustainable energy – the sun makes it possible

The "Photovoltaics" division develops and produces solar inverters for private homes and businesses.

One family-owned company - three business units 

The INVEOR input/ output configuration


The Drives business unit shapes future-facing industrial automation with efficient drive technology and continuous further development – focused on the customer, simple, rapid and available.

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Zoom-in on a microchip


The Electronics business unit uses the KOSTAL Group’s established development, quality and production technologies to turn your ideas into custom mechatronic solutions for control and power electronics. You will find our solutions in use in mechanical engineering, drive technology and energy technology.

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The Photovoltaics business unit specialises in the development and production of innovative solutions for the generation and storage of solar power. KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH, a subsidiary of KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik, is responsible for the sales and marketing of products.

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KOSTAL moves machines and people

Our philosophy "Smart connections."

Successful connections

Through our internal and external networks, we lay the foundations for new paths. Paths that we pursue together with our partners and customers. Through fair cooperation between every member of the team, we never lose sight of our goal.

No compromising on quality

We all know that errors are often not immediately obvious. That's why we do everything we can to avoid them right from the start. We use the zero-error approach, which is applied throughout the company and places the focus on the quality of our work, our products and our services.

Potential sources of error are analysed and intercepted in the context of product development. We achieve this by applying proprietary preventive quality tools, which we have developed for this purpose. However, also after reaching serial production we continuously monitor the quality of our products and permanently improve them. In this process we gladly accept the suggestions of our customers and learn from the experience of others.

A responsibility to the future

The management team of the KOSTAL Group is aware that all activities relating to the development, manufacture and sale of our products have a direct or indirect influence on the environment. Environmental protection is an important task of the company, which is why the management has formulated the following principles for its environmental policy:

  • KOSTAL commits itself to achieving its economic goals taking the laws of environmental protection into account.
  • Environmental protection is the responsibility of each and every employee. Qualification and motivation are developed and orientated towards the future.
  • KOSTAL is committed to using natural resources economically, especially when it comes to materials and energy.
  • In order to achieve the described environmental objectives we continuously develop programs for the improvement of products and processes.
The KOSTAL Values

This is important to us

Shared values form the basis for a long-term, sustainable and successful future.