KOSTAL Pressebereich
Hagen, 01/03/2017

Formula 1 at school

This Saturday sees the North Rhine-Westphalia state championship of the successful Formula 1 technology contest. And Fichte high school, our partner school, is taking part!

The "Evolve Racing" team from Hagen’s high school managed to gain 2nd place in the South Westphalia qualifying contest. We at KOSTAL are just as delighted with the result as the "Evolve Racing" team themselves. As the team sponsor, we of course provided technical advice during construction of the model car.

A total of 14 teams competed against one another at the South Westphalia qualifying contest where they were assessed by an independent jury made up of local businesses. Markus Vetter, head of marketing at KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbH, formed part of the jury and got to assess the performance of the individual teams. The assessment covered a whole host of things. The "Formula 1 at school" contest comprises various tasks, which have to be completed in close collaboration and with good team work. The assessment doesn't just take account of the speed of the miniature race car on the 20-metre race track, but also the team’s appearance, the look of the presentation stand in the pit lane and the presentation based on animated images.

We wish our team from Fichte high school all the best in the North Rhine-Westphalia state championship, we’ve got our fingers crossed for them.