KOSTAL Pressebereich
Hagen, 24/05/2017

Harmony between body and mind

The first health days at KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik

"It’s all about healing the body with the mind and the body healing the mind." Even Oscar Wilde was aware that a combination of sustenance, exercise and relaxation is needed for physical and mental health and today the topic of work-life balance is more relevant than ever before.
Knowing this, KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik held its first company health days on 17 and 18 May. Together with our partners, AOK health insurance fund and Injoy fitness studio, we put together a varied programme to which all staff were warmly invited. There was a huge amount of interest in the event and we were delighted with how many people registered and enjoyed taking part.

The three main pillars on which the health day was based were nutrition, exercise and stress management. In terms of nutrition, staff were able to obtain lots of detailed advice about a healthy lifestyle, take a non-binding diabetes test and mix their own smoothie using a pedal-powered blender.
The importance of exercise was explained in presentations on the topics of "Getting fit by exercising" and "Getting fit at work", employees’ health was assessed using a back and body analysis test and electric bikes were available outside for anyone who fancied a bit of exercise in the sunshine. In particular, the Icaros fitness flight simulator and the use of virtual reality open up brand new possibilities for observing oneself in an imaginary world.
For the stress prevention and management element of the day, we had a computer-aided analysis for measuring current stress levels and an interesting presentation.

Taking these three pillars as a basis, lots of our staff were able to very consciously experience smart connections between body and soul - some of them for the first time ever. It wasn't just the success of the event we found valuable, but also the opportunity to chat with staff on a different level. Our health days were therefore a great gift – at least that was the feedback we got from everyone who attended them.