KOSTAL Pressebereich
Hagen, 12/07/2017

2017 factory discovery day

A far-reaching smart connection all the way from Egypt

This year we were again delighted to welcome 14 pupils from Fichte high school to our annual factory discovery day. The aim of the day is to offer tasters of typical jobs where the other sex tends to dominate but also to show that clich├ęs about jobs only being suitable for men or women are a thing of the past and that technical positions are a great job for anyone, male or female.
After a brief welcome and an overview of our product portfolio, we went straight into production where our PIKO inverter is manufactured, while other members of the group demonstrated their soldering skills.

To start with everyone closely followed the instructions to produce a heart, then gradually the objects got more and more difficult and creative with names and stars being bent out of copper wire and soldered. As none of them had ever used a soldering iron before, it was a great and informative experience for the students. Next, the pupils were provided with detailed background information about KOSTAL in the company presentation.

The event closed with a view of life after school and depending on the careers that the pupils wish to pursue, such as dentist or lawyer, we talked about different career paths, such as studying at college or university, apprenticeships or part-time education combined with on-the-job training. We did this despite the fact that the pupils are only in year eight and still have a comparatively long time before they have to think about their careers.

After all, there is plenty for them to consider and our young guests need to be made aware of their options early on so they can think about what they might want to do and how to get there. S. Osman, a student trainee at KOSTAL from Egypt, impressed the Fichte group with an entertaining and informative presentation about her experiences.

The pupils left us having gained lots of new knowledge, a positive feeling and their soldered figures. We are delighted to have this smart connection between Fichte high school and KOSTAL. It meets the requirements of the future programmes, which forms part of our „Smart connections.“, brand and which also includes running numerous creative and career-focused projects or attracting qualified younger members of staff.