Individual charging solutions for companies

Build your own charging system with KOSTAL Charging Solutions and rely on an innovative partner with 110 years of experience in automotive and industrial applications.

KOSTAL Charging Solutions is part of the KOSTAL group, which achieves total annual sales of around €2.8 billion and employs 18,500 people worldwide. The company, founded in 1912, is both an innovation driver in the automotive sector and a specialist in the development and production of communicatively networked and grid-connected power electronic devices (e.g. inverters and wall boxes).

Bidirectional charging

With bidirectional charging, it is possible to refuel the vehicle with electricity, but also to return excess energy from the vehicle. Here, the direct current emitted by the vehicle is converted back into alternating current (AC). Bidirectional charging thus enables both Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G), in which electricity is fed into the public grid, and Vehicle-2-Home (V2H), so that the remaining energy is fed directly into the home electricity network.

Unidirectional charging

Unidirectional charging enables energy to flow from the mains or home network into the vehicle. Examples of use are the environmentally conscious family, who use the electricity they generate themselves for home use and to charge their e-vehicle, or charging points that can be used by the public, which are offered by companies or municipalities, for example.

Our products at a glance

  • Bi-directional wall box
    Our bidirectional wall box turns the e-vehicle into a mobile energy storage device. As with the unidirectional wallbox, the vehicle can be charged.
  • AC wallbox
    Our AC wallbox is extremely flexible. We offer you a large selection of product properties that you can freely design according to your needs.
  • DC Wallbox
    The return of energy from the vehicle to your own (V2H) or public network (V2G) offers companies and private individuals completely new opportunities for monetization.
  • Charging electronics
    We supply you with tailor-made charging electronics for the simple wall box through to the bidirectional, smart charging solution for your projects.