Based on established development, quality and production technologies of the KOSTAL Group, the Electronics business unit converts your ideas into complex, customer-specific mechatronic solutions in the field of control and power electronics. The in-depth understanding of customer needs, paired with our technological skills and understanding of systems, has always been one of KOSTAL's core competencies. On the basis of this intelligent connection, we will also solve your task.

You can find our products today at market leaders in mechanical engineering, drive technology and energy technology, among others.


  • power electronics
  • embedded software
  • Bus and communication interfaces
  • Custom housing and construction
  • simulations
  • System-supported requirement engineering
  • International certifications
  • Full-service supplier (development through production to aftersales)

Applications (excerpt)

  • Customer-specific machine and system controls with a wide variety of actuators and sensors
  • Application-specific power supply technology
  • Networking of industrial machines, systems and devices with a variety of different bus systems, e.g. CAN-Open, ASI-Bus, ETHERCAT, MOD-Bus, Sercos, Profinet, OCPP 2.0, ISO15118, EEBUS