A responsibility to the future

We all bear the greatest responsibility for the technology we use today. Together with our customers and partners, we are working to make sure this technology satisfies the needs not only of today, but also of tomorrow. To achieve this, we constantly seek to improve existing technologies and constantly keep our latest developments at the cutting edge.

Taking responsibility is a tradition

Being a family-owned company, KOSTAL has a long tradition of acting responsibly. This includes a genuine concern for the interests of our customers, the coherence of our employees, and the quality of our products.

We believe strongly that it is essential to take into account environmental and social issues to achieve long-term market success. Through its core product fields, KOSTAL creates smart connections between economic, ecological, and social considerations.
Taking responsibility is a tradition at KOSTAL
Photovoltaic technology is used to generate renewable energy, making a significant contribution to a clean environment. In drive technology, energy efficiency plays a
decisive role. We develop products that offer not only high quality and best performance, but are also economical to use.

Sense of responsibility for the region

KOSTAL Industrial Electronics is committed to the local community in the region of South Westphalia, and is engaged in various projects. The company maintains partnerships with schools, universities, and sports clubs, but also supports groups of renewable energy experts. KOSTAL Industrial Electronics is also involved in municipal committees in the city of Hagen, thus helping to promote constructive dialog between business and local government.

Sense of responsibility for the environment

KOSTAL stands for a sustainable enviromental policy

The management team of the KOSTAL Group is aware that all activities relating to the development, manufacture and sale of our products have a direct or indirect influence on the environment. Environmental protection is an important task of the company, which is why the management has formulated the following principles for its environmental policy:

  • KOSTAL commits itself to achieving its economic goals taking the laws of environmental protection into account.
Today, tomorrow and in the future. When choosing KOSTAL Industrial Electronics, you will always find a smart connection ideally suited to your needs!
  • Environmental protection is the responsibility of each and every employee. Qualification and motivation are developed and orientated towards the future.
  • KOSTAL is committed to using natural resources economically, especially when it comes to materials and energy.

  • In order to achieve the described environmental objectives we continuously develop programs for the improvement of products and processes.