Die INVEOR P Baureihe


The INVEOR P cold plate drive controller provides the option of individual integration in the driveline without having to forgo the benefits of volume production. This is achieved using a standardised cold plate, which transfers the waste heat of the electronics to cooling elements in the customer’s adaptation. This enables complete integration into the housing and the cooling circuit of the customer application, while simultaneously avoiding a "housing-within-the-housing design". The INVEOR P’s configuration options also allows it to be adapted to the most important interfaces of the application environment in an optimum manner. Smart connections on five levels.


    The five sizes, covering motor ratings of 0.25 to 22 kW, can be fully integrated in the drive system thanks to the standardised cold plate.

INVEOR P product family:

The INVEOR P product family comes in five sizes and covers the power range between 0.25 kW and 22 kW in single and three phase variants. Each size is fitted with a cold plate size to match its motor rating. You select the size to suit your motor rating in the configuration.

Decentralised, fully integrated drive controller concept:

Through the INVEOR P we have created a technical solution, which allows system integrators and customers to fully and invisibly integrate drive controller electronics into their systems or fit them in an existing housing. This is made possible by using the standardised cold plate as the cold interface to the system environment rather than having to develop a costly, custom OEM solution.

Input/output configuration

The number of inputs/outputs can be configured through the choice of integrated application circuit board. 

Energy efficiency

INVEOR drive controllers satisfy the most stringent requirement of the ECO design directive EN-50598

2. Communication

Through CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet and Sercos, the INVEOR is compatible with almost all common control environments. Customers can select the bus system relevant to their needs and thereby ideally integrate the INVEOR into the control environment of their application.

Extensive communication interfaces

The choice of the preferred field bus usually depends on the controller manufacturer used in the system, the geographic region, the functional requirements in terms of speed and network spread and availability of suitable field devices. The INVEOR product family offers a large number of communication options, allowing it to be easily integrated in existing automation processes without having to depart from the fieldbus systems used previously in the application. The fieldbus systems can be selected as options.

3. Operation and observation

     For operation, a potentiometer, an external MMI handheld controller, operation via an external touchscreen and PC software are available depending on requirements. A soft PLC can be used to adapt the INVEOR to the application requirement.


The interface for connecting a potentiometer is provided as standard. The potentiometer is available as an accessory to the INVEOR.

MMI handheld controller

For commissioning, parameter adaptations and service purposes, our flexible MMI handheld controller is available as an alternative to the PC software. You can edit and save parameters and copy parameter sets from one device to another (clone devices). You can also specify target values and display actual values. The MMI handheld controller is available as an accessory to the INVEOR.

Touch operating terminal

You can conveniently automate several INVEOR drive controllers without a fieldbus using the touch operating terminal.

INVEOR PC software

The user will get to grips with intuitive PC software interface with virtually no assistance. Commissioning can be easily undertaken by oscilloscope as well as parameter adaptation and the cloning of drive axes. Automatic motor identification, parameter presettings and customer-specific actual value displays automate and speed up application commissioning.

Soft PLC according to IEC 61131-3

The INVEOR provides a freely programmable soft PLC solution with complete access to the device parameters and status data. Programming and depiction can take place in a function block diagram (FBD), structured text (ST) and a list of instructions (AWL). There are 20 technology parameters, which you can use for your specific functions in your application.

Each INVEOR is equipped with the soft PLC solution as standard.

4. System integration

Its standardised cold plate concept allows the INVEOR P to be integrated into virtually any system at an attractive cost.

Low-cost integration using a standardised cold plate concept:

The compact, smooth cold plate of the INVEOR is very cost effective and can be very simply connected to the existing thermal sinks. The resulting dimensions of the cold plates are the consequence of adequate flexural strength and compactness, whereby an all round, flat surface is provided, in order to be able to mount a customer-specific hood to increase the protection class, for example.

In this case, the standardised cold plate allows the existing thermal sink of the customer application environment to be simply adapted. In this way, synergies in the customer application are used to conduct the waste heat of the power electronics to the environment. This means that no further mechanical cooling devices need to be integrated.  The considerable thermal reserves of the KOSTAL drive electronics provide the customer with room for manoeuvre of up to 85 °C in the ambient temperatures of the power electronics – allowing greater freedom in the layout used.

5. Control process

The regulating concept of the INVEOR is conceived of in such a way that all motors, from asynchronous to synchronous machines, can be operated.

Field-oriented sensor-free regulation for asynchronous and synchronous motors

Compared with controlled processes such as voltage/frequency control, the INVEOR attains improved start-up torques, better efficiency and optimised control quality. Expensive rotary encoder feedback can be dispensed with.


The INVEOR supports asynchronous and synchronous motors of energy efficiency classes IE1 to IE4 according to IEC/EN-60034-30-1

Automatic motor identification

To speed up the process of commissioning the drive controller in combination with external motors, the INVEOR family provides automatic motor identification. Only the type plate data has to be entered to start the identification process.