The bidirectional DC wallbox from KOSTAL – fast and smart electromobility

The bidirectional DC wallbox from KOSTAL features a charging power of 11 kW, making fast charging possible. In addition, bidirectional charging allows the energy stored in the car to be fed back into the grid and enables the V2H and V2G function to be used.
As a white label provider of wallboxes, KOSTAL develops and produces the DC wallbox in line with customer-specific requirements.

Advantages of the KOSTAL DC wallbox

Design example DC wallbox


  • PV integration with optimised self-consumption
  • Vehicle to Home (V2H)
  • Smart charging
  • Peak shaving with local storage
  • Charging of electric vehicles according to the charging standard IEC 61851-23:201
  • Redispatch possible for energy suppliers
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Frequency and voltage stabilisation


  • Mains operation
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G)
  • Communication interfaces LAN, WLAN, NFC, RFID, RS485 etc.
  • Communication protocols ISO15118, DIN70121, EEBus, OCPP2.0 etc.
  • Protection of vehicles and buildings against cyber attacks
  • Provision of various billing processes (calibration law and MID)
  • Prepared for future house connection installations such as smart meter gateway


  • DC 11 kW
  • Equipped with the CCS charging system for electric vehicles, which is based on the international IEC 61851 series and IEC 62196 standards
  • Charging mode 4: DC charging with the Combo 2 plug in accordance with the IEC 62196-3 standard in conjunction with communication between vehicle and charging device based on ISO 15118 or DIN SPEC 70121


  • Plug & charge technology (ISO standard 15118)
  • Compatible with mains-voltage-independent residual-current devices (RCD type A)