KOSTAL develops customer-specific charging solutions

KOSTAL develops white label wallboxes for industry

We adapt your white label AC and DC wallbox to your needs. 

KOSTAL develops customer-specific charging solutions

KOSTAL develops electric car charging stations and charging infrastructure solutions for the specific requirements of energy suppliers, car manufacturers, fleet operators and other OEMs. With the customised solutions, our customers can set up and operate their own charging infrastructure.

At the heart of smart electromobility from KOSTAL lie vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-home (V2H) solutions that use the battery of the electric car as a means of storage and feed surplus energy into the owner's energy system or into the grid.

In addition, initially KOSTAL will focus on unidirectional charging solutions that, when combined with PV inverters, enable safe and energy-optimised EV charging at home.

Customers benefit from our years of experience in the field of renewable power generation (inverters) coupled with in-depth knowledge of charging management for electric vehicles (onboard chargers and charging stations).

As an innovative and reliable development partner working to the highest quality standards and with a zero-defects strategy in production, we can cover all markets, areas of use and applications.

We also have sound technical knowledge of all aspects of grid connection in the low-voltage grid. This allows KOSTAL components to be seamlessly integrated into your own installation downstream of the house connection.

KOSTAL charging infrastructure solutions: the benefits at a glance

  • Extensive customising: housing, software, hardware, interfaces
  • Integration and standard interfaces with all operators thanks to our measurement system
  • Backend compatible with billing systems
  • All necessary communication interfaces: CANopen, Ethernet, WLAN, MODbus, OCPP 2.0, ISO15118, EEBUS. Further interfaces (such as KNX) can be integrated through in-house firmware development
  • Proven components and manufacturing processes are integrated within the framework of system-supported requirement engineering
  • Full service supplier: development, manufacturing, customer service and comprehensive advice from design to installation and hardware configuration
  • Zero-defects production - Made in Germany
  • International labelling and certifications
  • Compliant with measurement and calibration legislation, e.g. for use in company cars and vehicle fleets
  • Charging infrastructure eligible for subsidies 

KOSTAL electromobility: smart interaction from one supplier

Example: unidirectional charging with PLENTICORE plus, KSEM and an AC wallbox

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter converts direct current from solar modules into usable alternating current for e-mobility or household/business consumption.

The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter (KSEM) ensures optimum use of surplus energy, which is either stored in a battery or fed into the grid. 

For OEM customers, we develop customer-specific OEM charging solutions. Find out more with our design example for an AC wallbox for OEM customers.

Example: bidirectional charging with PLENTICORE plus and a bidirectional DC wallbox

Advantages of bidirectional charging (V2G):

  • Optimisation of self-consumption in the absence of a stationary storage system
  • Optimum utilisation of potential for charging and discharging in fleet networks 
  • Grid stabilisation and frequency stabilisation
  • Reactive power compensation for the grid operator with future scope for compensation
  • Harmonic compensation
  • Effective charging management through peak shaving and forecast-based charging
  • Redispatch technology avoids shortages in the grid
  • Communication between clouds, e.g. operators for distribution and transmission systems, metering point operators, BSI-certified smart meter gateway (SMGW), scope for establishing a future arrangement of grid-controlling components, such as SMGW

For OEM customers, we develop customer-specific OEM charging solutions. Find out more with our design example for a DC wallbox for OEM customers.