INVEOR MP - drive controller

The INVEOR MP is the motor-mounted Performance (MP) class of the INVEOR family. It convinces with its innovative control technology and supports all motor variants (synchronous reluctance, synchronous and asynchronous motors) up to efficiency class IE5. Extensive configuration options such as main switch, integrated braking resistor, fieldbus, Bluetooth and safety allow an individual composition.


There are currently two sizes available covering a power range from 0.55 to 5.5 kW. The INVEOR MP covers all the essential features of the INVEOR M and also offers the following criteria that make it even more adaptable. 

Individual surface

The covers of the INVEOR MP and MP Modular have a level surface, which allows customers to fit their own controls, for example.

Pluggable mains connection

Robust industrial connectors from Harting enable fast connection of the supply voltage. Also a looping (daisy chain) is possible with this option.

Cutting connection for supply voltage

The QUICKON connector from Phoenix  Contact allows with its comfortable Cutting connection a simple connection of the
supply voltage.

200% overload

For processes with a high starting torque and dynamic ramps, 200% overload is available for 3 seconds and 150% for 60 seconds.

Functional safety

The INVEOR MP has a safety function (STO) that can be configured by selecting the appropriate integrated application board.

Multi-pump operation

The INVEOR MP enables the networking of several pumps and their control as master and slave.
The pumps are switched on and off as required in multi-pump operation. The even load distribution with up to six pumps takes into account the operating hours of the individual pumps. This ensures a high level of reliability and thus availability even if one or more pumps malfunction or fail. The function is fully integrated in the frequency converter and does not require any external components (such as the touch control terminal).

2. Communication

With CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet and Sercos, the INVEOR MP offers compatibility with almost all common control environments. The customer can select the bus system that is relevant to him and thus integrate the INVEOR MP ideally into the control environment of his application. In addition to communication via fieldbus, the INVEOR MP can also be controlled via Bluetooth.

Comprehensive communication interfaces

The INVEOR MP offers a variety of communication options so that it can be easily integrated into existing automation processes without having to deviate from the fieldbus system used to date in the application. The fieldbus systems can be selected as an option.

Bluetooth interface

The INVEOR MP offers a Bluetooth interface, which can either be integrated as a permanently installed solution or as a plug-in variant via the M12 plug.

3. Operation and observation

The INVEOR MP is equipped with a membrane keyboard, an external and an integrated MMI hand-held control unit, operation via an external touch-control terminal and PC software. These are described in detail at the INVEOR M. In addition, the INVEOR MP offers further possibilities.

Main switch (option)

The integrated main switch allows the supply
voltage to be fully disconnected.


The KOSTAL INVERTERapp offers a particularly convenient way of commissioning and controlling the application. Quite simply, it is also possible to clone devices by simply copying parameter sets.

4. Motor adaption

The innovative adaptation concept of the INVEOR MP is identical to that of the INVEOR M and includes a comprehensive range of standard and motor-specific adapter plates. The INVEOR MP can be adapted to almost every engine on the market. Likewise, adapter plates are available for wall mounting.

Motor adapter plate

In order to mechanically install the drive controller on the motor, the INVEOR adapter plate (ADP) is used in place of the terminal box. The INVEOR can then be attached directly to this (plug-and-play). Thanks to the large number of adapter plates available, virtually any motor can be adapted. You will find suitable adapter plates in the accessories area.

5. Control process

The INVEOR MP impresses with its innovative control technology and supports all motor variants (synchronous reluctance, synchronous and asynchronous motors) up to efficiency class IE5 and with maximum energy efficiency of the drive controller. It has all the control characteristics of the INVEOR M and also offers the following features.

All motor types

The INVEOR supports all motor technologies from asynchronous and the various PM synchronous motors to the synchronous reluctance motor .

Maximum speed range (without sensors)

The innovative control technology of the INVEOR drive controller without rotary encoder feedback permits a speed range of 1:200. This
means that even processes requiring a very high level of precision can be depicted.

Torque control

Torque control and torque limitation permit use in applications such as extruder worms or winding applications where constant torque
is essential. The function is available in the entire speed range without additional encoder feedback.

Support IE5 synchronous motors

The sophisticated control technology of the INVEOR MP controls state-of-the-art motors up to efficiency class IE5 and gets the most out of them.