Intelligently generating and using energy - thanks to the sun


PV inverter

For us "smart connections" means combining the requests of our customers with the special knowledge of KOSTAL to produce a unique range of products and services tailored to the market. We have been able to implement this philosophy perfectly for the Solar-, Hybrid- and  Battery-inverters of the “PLENTICORE” and "PIKO" brands. Against this background, KOSTAL Solar Electric’s range includes single and three phase string inverters with a slim portfolio of diverse application possibilities.

Storage solutions

Photovoltaics are a safe, renewable and sustainable source of energy. However, solar power is only available when the sun is shining. With our numerous storage partners, and our hybrid and battery inverters PLENTICORE and PIKO, you harmonise the generation and consumption of energy in your house. Optimum control of self-consumption using the smart energy management system. During the day you can use the power generated directly but also store surplus energy for use at night, thereby reducing your electricity supply costs.