The KOSTAL Business Units

Business units

One of the main advertisements of any company are the products and services it develops, produces and offers. In this respect in particular, it is essential to take account of environmental and social issues in order to achieve long-term market success. Through its business units, KOSTAL creates smart connections between economic, ecological, and social considerations. We don’t therefore offer "mere" products, but real solutions to problems and genuine added value.


KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik Business Unit Drives

KOSTAL's Drives industrial business unit is a leading player in decentralised and motor-mounted drive technology. We can tap into the experience we have gained from supplying the automotive industry for more than 100 years coupled with special expertise  acquired through many custom projects associated with drive controllers. This history and the expertise gained from producing in excess of 1 000 000 power electronics items allows us to implement appropriate solutions to problems, basing these solutions on standard components but tailoring them to the needs of our customers.

The Drives business unit sees itself as a provider of solutions and has decades of technical experience. We are focused on working in close collaboration with our customers in order to jointly find the best solution for their projects. We call this a partnership based on symbiosis. This puts us in close proximity to the market so we understand technologies and trends as they emerge and turn them into innovations.

The products of the Drives business unit can be found primarily in challenging applications and sectors, including tough ambient conditions.

Our innovative and patented drive controllers are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and at the same time provide excellent, dynamic properties for the applications. KOSTAL also provides its customers with solutions customised to their individual requirements.

Our devices are characterised by maximum energy efficiency and cost savings brought about through sensor-free control and the modular integration of numerous options. By being able to reproduce all control processes from motor types commonly encountered today and in the future and through the intelligent mechanical adaptation of industrial motors, our devices are perfectly equipped to meet the future.

With the acquisition of Bitflux GmbH in 2019, which now operates under the name KOSTAL Drives Technology, KOSTAL expands its control technology know-how with the new pulse injection method, thus underpinning its position as an innovator in sensorless control processes. By bundling these two unique competencies, KOSTAL will further expand its position as market leader for decentralized drive technology.

Our range of products at a glance

  • INVEOR M: motor-mounted drive controllers with high IP65 protection class in power range of 0.37 kW to 22 kW
  • INVEOR MP: Motor-mounted drive controllers of the performance class 0.55 kW to 30 kW
  • INVEOR MP Modular: Performance class motor-mounted drive controllers with modular design from 0.55 kW to 30 kW
  • INVEOR P: cold plate drive controllers for specific integration in the customer application, in power range of 0.37 kW to 22 kW
  • VERTIMO: wall-mounted devices with high protection class in power range of 0.37 kW to 22 kW
  • VERTIMO E: wall-mounted devices with high power range of 30 kW to 75 kW


KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik Business Unit Photovoltaics

Intelligently generating and using energy - thanks to the sun

KOSTAL’s Photovoltaics industrial business unit considers itself a provider of solutions for intelligent and sustainable energy generation and use. As a leading manufacturer of three phase solar inverters, we work closely with various partners, including those from the Smart Home sector, but also with our customers in order for you to be able to source ecological and clean energy from your own roof. We develop and produce our innovative solutions for the energy of the future in Germany so we can offer our customers the very highest quality standards. We benefit from the experience the KOSTAL Group has acquired from being a supplier to the automotive trade for more than 100 years.
Our subsidiary, KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH, handles sales and marketing of our photovoltaic inverters and storage solutions. In 2016 KOSTAL Solar Electric celebrated its 10th anniversary. This can also be traced back to the good and intense partnerships we have been able to establish with customers, suppliers and service providers.

True to our partnership-based "Smart connections." brand promise, we impress our customers with our accompanying service and extensive sharing of information, e.g. by a service area with integrated FAQs to simplify installation, operation and use of our inverters. Free product training sessions at various locations in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, France and Turkey improve customer’s specialist knowledge of how to install and set up our products.

Our products at a glance

  • Single-phase inverters:
    Der PIKO MP plus for the small power segment
  • Three-phase inverters:
    the flexible, communicative and smart PLENTICORE inverters for the medium performance range.
  • Project inverters:
    the cost-optimised PIKO CI has been adapted especially to the needs of larger systems.
  • Storage solutions:
    the PIKO MP plus and PLENTICORE plus as Hybrid- and Battery-Inverter can be used to store the generated energy and use it in a manner optimised for self-consumption.