Our philosophy: smart connections

Using symbiosis for greater partnership

Symbiosis (from Ancient Greek sýn/sym, 'together' and bíos, living) to us means a cooperative relationship of different species of creatures, which is advantageous to both partners. We therefore like to use this metaphor to explain our philosophy of smart connections between us and our customers. Here too, we both benefit from each other, and thus both become more competitive.

Symbiosis with our partners inspired by nature

Inspired by nature – the KOSTAL partnership concept

In nature, symbiosis has many advantages. Take the clownfish, for example, which has a mutually beneficial relationship with the sea anemone. Taking our inspiration from nature, we strive to create a similarly close partnership with our extensive portfolio of renowned customers. We are able to convince them of the benefits of working together and our absolute reliability, and in return they give us the opportunity to acquire knowledge and use it for new developments.