Single-turn absolute encoder

Encoders are an important link between mechanics and control electronics in automation. They record angles and positions of shafts. With the single-turn absolute encoder, each position within a revolution is assigned a coded absolute position value. From this, the speed and acceleration of the shaft can be calculated for the control of applications.

KOSTAL launched the second generation of the single-turn absolute encoder on the market. This convinces with an improvement in the communication between the single-turn absolute encoder and the controller, which can be guaranteed by the faster data protocol of now 57,600 baud and a significantly higher, event-controlled query rate. Doors can move more dynamically, air circulation can be reduced and energy efficiency increased.

In addition, a higher level of accuracy could be achieved since the resolution of one revolution was doubled from 2,048 to 4,096 steps. In addition to all these features, the single-turn absolute encoder is TÜV-certified and meets the current standard EN ISO 13849-1:2015 with performance level C.
Single-turn absolute encoder with Mate-N-Lok compatible contour
Single-turn absolute encoder with RJ45 connector